Renters Insurance in Fairbanks, AK

We all have items that are important to us. A Renters Insurance policy can cover those items in the event of theft or damage. From clothes and furniture to your computer and television, you want to feel confident that everything you own won’t be lost in a fire or other claim. Let Dunlap Agency, Inc. find coverage options that cover your valuables in Fairbanks to Barrow and Bethel and everywhere in between with a renters insurance policy. Call us at (907) 456-5202 and let us help to make sure you’re properly covered.

Your renters insurance policy will cover your personal property against theft or damage as outlined in the policy.

Alaska: Protect yourself and your visitors!

A renters insurance policy will protect you and your family members against bodily injury and property damage liability claims up to policy limits. Medical payments coverage is available as an option which will pay for medical expenses incurred by a visitor who is injured at your residence regardless of fault. Let Dunlap Agency, Inc. help you find the right amount of coverage on your renters insurance in Alaska. Call us today at (907) 456-5202.